We left Folsom on May 28th at 8:00am. It was the official beginning of our lives as “missionaries”. We don’t live on Coventry Circle anymore. Steve isn’t a Cop anymore. We can’t watch the sun rise on the Sierras and set on Lake Natoma anymore. I cried until about noon that day, as we drove away from the community we’ve called home for the past 10 years.

At one point Steve and I looked at each other and, half-joking, said “What have we done?”

I think we both may have been harboring some doubts in those first few days. We had just gotten rid of all of our belongings, moved out of our house, and given up our paycheck. Our kids were hurting, our bodies were exhausted, and our emotions were shot. Man - in those first couple of days the 5 of us made up a sorry bunch. We must have looked pathetic dragging ourselves out of the car at rest stops and cheap hotels with sad, tired faces.

But I tell you all of that, really, so that I can tell you this – It’s worth it!

God has called our family to Costa Rica – we cannot deny it. No promise of ease, or comfort, or even success has been made. But He has called us nevertheless. And while we came to Chicago for missions training, the first week has been one of confirmation more than information. Because of that, we now look back at the last ten years in Folsom not with heartbreak for what we have lost, but with joy for what we have had. So grateful for the many friends who make us better, the support of family, and the church that has changed our lives forever.

Our whole family has a renewed excitement for what God is doing in Latin America and the small part we have been asked to play. The boys are already practicing Spanish (thanks to the kids program here), and Steve and I are eager to learn as well. Most of all, though, we are thankful that we are here, grateful for your prayers, appreciative of your support, and pleased to report that being a “missionary” is pretty darn cool.