I would never...

I'm pretty sure there are rules about these things.

Missionaries are only supposed to tell you about how hard it is to be a missionary. We prefer to emphasize the difficulties of living in a foreign land. We want to make you think that you are the lucky one, and you should be glad we came here so you wouldn't have to.

And by all means, we are never, ever, ever supposed to post an amazing picture of where we live. A picture of the clouds rolling down off the top of a volcano, with trees coming into bloom over a field of glossy green coffee plants. Of blue skies and sunshine, and a day that is so obviously an 80° day that it might make people who are trembling from cold in other parts of the world weep with envy. And I'm sure it would be even more insensitive to mention that said photo was taken just 15 steps from the missionary's front door.

There might be a missionary out there, somewhere, that would - for example - do something like this:


But, I doubt it.

That would be incredibly rude. Terribly, terribly rude. Inexcusably rude, really.

I mean, sheesh... some people...

What kind of missionary would even consider doing something like that?...


  1. Only the (not really) very worst kind :)

  2. oh. my. Clearly a terrible one. But then I think of the creepy critters you've mentioned that live, um, not just in your house but in your freakin' BRITCHES and I say a little prayer to thank God for sending you some pretty clouds. I don't pray for you often enough. But I mean to.

  3. Johan, your photo literally took my breath away. That's the PERFECT answer!!

  4. oooh...this makes me itchy to get on the plane! I'll be down there again in 3 days and 12 hours...not that I am counting or anything!

  5. oh...make that 3 WEEKS. And this even with a preview of my post! oops

  6. watchit.... else we'll contact the Lord andhave him call you off to somewhere like the Gobi Desert!

    (Sorry Gobi Desertians... I'm sure you love it there :-)

  7. Shauna - Very cool that you'll be in this part of the world! It's been especially beautiful lately... but strangely dry.

    Theo - The Gobi Desert?!?! I'm not even gonna bother with googling that.

  8. The truthful kind. The kind who in her own way makes people wish they were doing what she was doing! Hopefully, one day.

    I am just happy that the snow is finally melting here! Yay sunshine

  9. Just as I was reading that, my wife came in with three pounds of Starbucks coffee and a steaming skinny soy maciato latte...

    It sure is pretty though.


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