My Most Frequently Asked Question, Today, on Frequently Unasked Questions

Please don't hate me.

This is ANOTHER guest post. I know, I know.... I'm breaking some cardinal rule of blogging that says never, ever guest post on other blogs twice in a row or something really, super bad will happen - like 11 people will unfollow you on the Twitter, or something like that. (If you're like me, you're thinking "NNNnnnnOOOOOoooooooo!!!! Not THAT!!" in a really sarcastic tone.)

Whatever. I guest posted twice in a row. So shoot me. Or go read it. Either one. The truth is, once I've written and sent a guest post, it's sort of out of my hands - and it appears on the interwebs when it appears. And since I follow no blog schedule whatsoever, I can hardly complain when things like this happen. So here we are.


Today, I'm really excited to point you to Matthew Drake's blog, Frequently Unasked Questions - where I did the exact opposite and answered the one question I am asked most frequently. Go check it out. If you want. No pressure. But please!:

And I hope that while you're there you'll take some time to poke around Matt's blog, he's a gifted and interesting writer, making f.u.questions one of my google reader favorites!

**On a side note, Matt made one small but significant error in his intro to my piece. He said I recently signed a book deal, but that's not the case. Actually, what happened is that I recently signed on to be represented by the lovely and well-known WordServe Literary agent, Rachelle Gardner. Which I sort of announced.... but only on Facebook... because the whole thing makes me want to swallow my tongue.

Sooo...I was gonna tell you... eventually.... that I have an agent (ohmygawd), and, Oh!, that I'm writing a book. What?!