There's Actually Nothing Sexy About A Sexy Kitten.

I was gonna write a post about how we should ditch those Church "Harvest Festivals" in favor of staying home to hang out with our neighbors - Be the light of the world and all that jazz. Man, it was gonna be good. And challenging. And poetic. 

But I've been so busy I couldn't finish it...

So here's a picture of my cat in a neglige, instead.

Sheesh. Whoever decided it was a good idea to dress up as a "Sexy Kitten" for Halloween has obviously never seen a sexy kitten because kittens aren't sexy at all. Worst costume ever. 

Happy Halloween, friends! 

Be safe out there!!

PS - Tomorrow I'm headed to Calgary for the "Survival of the Weakest" conference where I will say some words along with Shane Claiborne and Ron Sider.... because my life is like WHAT?!