I'm Jamie Wright.

I'm the Very Worst Missionary.... This is what I'm about:

I'm about procrastinating.

I'm not about administrating. I can't even handle my own inbox. It's embarrassing.

I'm about loving my husband and sons. I wish I was way, WAY better about this.

I'm about organic discipleship. The kind that happens naturally. Although, I usually just call it... ya know... friendship.

I'm not about Klout. Or Alexa. Or Analytics. Or any of the other false measures that tempt us into thinking we're more significant than anyone else. (This is the internet, people. Easy come, easy go.)

I'm about coffee.

I'm about food. Sometimes I'm not healthy about food.

I'm about changing the way we do missions.

I'm about hair and makeup and clothes, and feeling pretty, and twirling in skirts, and being adorable, and wishing “he loves me” on a daisy, and asking “does this make my ass look huge?”, and hating my ankles, and all the other bullshit girls do and say in a misguided effort to know that they are loved.

I'm not about leading.

But I am about instigating. I'd rather we walk alongside each other in this life, than one in front of the other. But, if I see that you need a push, I'll get behind you... and I hope you'll do the same for me.

I'm about words. All of them. Even the ones you don't like.

I'm about people.

I'm not about turning people into projects. If I'm spending time with you, it's because I like you.

I'm so not about speaking Spanish.

I wish I was about running.

I'm not about home-making. Or home-schooling. Or? Home-wrecking. These things just aren't for me.

I'm about second chances.

I'm learning to be more about Jesus and less about me. It's way harder than it sounds.