I speak! Like, with my mouth. 

It's true. Sometimes, instead of slapping words up on the internet, I say them out loud...in front of a room full of people...who are staring at me. It sounds kind of terrible and awkward when you put it like that, but it's usually a pretty good time. I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason (divine providence? good old fashioned luck? hilarious pastor's idea of a practical joke?), I keep getting invited to new places to share things I'm learning about God and Life and Missions with diverse groups of people (who should probably know better than to hand a mic to "the very worst missionary").

I've spoken at big conferences, little churches, women's events, fundraisers, youth gatherings, and *ahem* universities (not even kidding). I've also been interviewed, emceed fancy dinners, led discussions, and answered questions. Are you impressed yet? Me neither. But if you're still interested in having me come stand in front of your people and talk while they stare back politely for a half hour or so, feel free to reach out.

For more info contact:  Chaffee Management


What do you speak about?
While every talk is tailored for the specific group I'm speaking to, my favorite topics are Mission Reform (helping to redefine missions by reframing the conversation, encouraging individuals to discover and occupy their unique place within the body of Christ, and developing a healthier mentality about global Church engagement), Relentless Grace (crushing the clubhouse mentality of the Church to include everyone in Jesus' invitation to the table), and Ending Modern Day Slavery (the scope of the problem, finding effective solutions, and ways to get involved).

Do you have a parenting talk? 
I love to talk about parenting, especially about surviving motherhood and, more important, helping our children survive our motherhood. (Real talk: If I happen to mention giving a parenting talk in front of my teenagers they just look at me with blank faces, raised eyebrows, mouths hanging open like, "You're kidding, right?")

Will you come speak at our 3 day women's retreat? 
Not gonna lie, three days of teaching/talking/sharing and chick retreat activities might just put me over the edge. But if it's somewhere cool and the food doesn't suck, I will definitely consider it.

Are you the most amazing speaker ever?
Not really, but I do alright. And I believe in an amazing God and I've seen Him do amazing things through some pretty unamazing words. So, what I'm saying is, it could be amazing.

Do you use "swear" words? 
Yes. Quite often. But never when I'm speaking in public.... unless I have permission.

Can I just get you to come to my house and drink wine and laugh all night with me and my friends?
You bet! If you pay me enough I will come over and clean your house, bake you cupcakes, mix your drinks, braid your hair, and stay for the slumber party. Not even kidding.